Demonstration songs 

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“I found a hat” is the first song to be written for the project and feature in the first scene, where Admiral Bolognese is to receive his award. 

It typifies the interplay between the two characters - with Bolognaise extolling in detail everything that made him an Admiral, while Blueberry simply found her captains hat under her bed. 

The musical arrangement suggests where the final score is headed, with spare instrumentation focused on piano and violin (as well as other instrumentation to come), that can be readily played by a small ensemble from the stage, without the need to use an ensemble “in the pit”. These players will double up as performers and complement  

The demo was recorded specifically for the MFI presentation and features Simon Hall as Bolognese and Jude Perl as Blueberry. 

I found a hat (vocal) - Edgar, Gates & Hall
I found a hat - Instrumental - Edgar, Gates & Hall
Master of the sea (example) - Edgar, Gates & Hall