The Monsters of Tasmania

R_Tribout FOR_PRINT002.jpg
A contestable history
involving the  adventures of Captain Blueberry and Admiral Bolognaise who both sought to prove or disprove the verifiable existence of monsters  in lands other than their own. 

Developed by Inkhorn 

Based on the books and illustrations  by Rachel Tribout, 

Realised and adapted for performance 
by Finnegan Kruckemeyer & Tripod


Book by Finnegan Kruckemeyer 

Music and Lyrics by Steven Gates,  Scott Edgar, Simon Hall

The Monsters of Tasmania is a new work, a theatrical performance with songs, being developed for Australian and International Festivals. Based on the existing work by illustrator Rachel Tribout, the project brings together a diverse range of creatives to create a unique take on family entertainment. 

The following is the result of the first creative development undertaken in 2018. It is presented as a record of the initial workshop only and further workshops and creative workshop processes may refine and extend the concepts and ideas envisaged during this process. 

 It is anticipated that the second stage of the project will be the commissioning and writing of the play and songs. Stage 3 will be performance development. 

It is anticipated that this project will be performed in March 2021 as part of TEN DAYS ON THE ISLAND FESTIVAL and will be developed to both be presentable in smaller community venues as well as larger theatres and venues.