First published in 2014, The Adventures of Captain Blueberry tells the story of a young but mighty French sailor travelling across the oceans, discovering unknown sea monsters and other monstrous dangers, some noticed and some unnoticed, in the quest to prove that Monsters do exist. In the travels with her companions, Blueberry discovers that “Monsters disguise themselves as Islands, and some islands disguise themselves as monsters”, and that nothing that was seen was certain.

While firmly originating as a visual book for children, the Monsters of Tasmania trilogy provides a great raft of humour for all audiences and provides identifiable locations to make the story not only entertaining and accessible for all ages but identifiable, crafting a story that is at its heart about imagination and adventure – but also suggests a youthful enthusiasm and thirst for life, one that hasn’t been crushed by the weight of science and the mature, empirical and grounded world of Admiral Bolognaise.

The book makes great feature of specific locations within Tasmania, which would be referenced within the production and provide ideal locations for performances.

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